Stevenson High School’s first Hackathon, a collaborative, 24-hour coding marathon that will take place March 2-3. Make a game, app, website, or out-of-the-box idea in just one weekend!


shsHacks is Stevenson High School’s first ever Hackathon, a collaborative, 24-hour coding marathon that will take place March 2-3. Get ready to make the best game, app, or website of your life so far in just one weekend.

Never coded before? Just started? New to hands-on project development? No problem! shsHacks is for any and all students who are interested in inventing, designing, and bringing their creations to life, from beginners to seasoned developers.

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High school students with high school I.D.s and a chaperone from their school. 

Recommended: Team size <=5


Submit all the source code used in your project along with helpful comments/explanations if possible

How to enter

Register through the website Registrations are now closed for 2019, but registered participants should also register through DevPost in order to submit their projects.


Dr. James Wiczer

Dr. James Wiczer
CEO/Sensor Synergy

David Westfall

David Westfall
VP of Innovation/Alight

Curtis Weatherford

Curtis Weatherford
Motorola Threat Management

Dr. Sugata Banerji

Dr. Sugata Banerji
CS Faculty/Lake Forest College

Judging Criteria

  • Judge's Rubric
    Will be provided to the judges and participants on site